About Us

Gordon Barrett is a human resource management and organizational development firm maximizing sustainable growth by providing innovative human capital strategies. We are on a mission to facilitate change by ensuring increased productivity and profitability in the overall business process of our clients.
Gordon Barrett is a firm of Management Consultants ​that​ focus on evolving strategies, developing people and designing management systems, the combination of which drive corporate performance. As one of the leading performance improvement-consulting Firms, we delight in effecting meaningful and visible change through our various consulting interventions. We have successfully worked with a number of key organizations in Nigeria, building up a wealth of experience and credentials.

How We Work

Gordon Barrett has an exceptional way of conducting business. We believe in tailoring our services to meet the peculiarity of our client’s overall business purpose.

Diagnose/Identify Challenges.

Define and Plan.

Design Appropriate Strategy.

Align Identified Strategy with Business Goals..

Evaluate Implemented Strategy.

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